We Started in 2007 … OR … Was It 2016?



Hi, I’m Paul… The guy in the blue blazer, and the Founder of Phorge.

I personally wanted to welcome you to the website and introduce you to who we are and what we stand for at Phorge.

In-case we haven’t made it crystal clear yet, we are a digital marketing agency… with a difference… Well, I think so anyway and i’ll explain why in a moment.

But, my goal is simple… It’s to help all our clients at Phorge build better business, with smarter marketing.

If we can help you add more value for your clients, help you generate more revenue & profit… and help save you time in the process… Then as far as I’m concerned, we’ve done our job.

Now, to answer the question above… did we start in 2007, or 2016?

The short answer is 2016…

The slightly longer and more interesting answer is 2007…

I personally started out in digital marketing in 2007. I ran my own digital agency in Sydney from 2011 which I then sold…

And I started Phorge in 2016.

So why the change?

Well, in the essence of full transparency, which is one of our core values here at Phorge, I wanted to build a fully remote digital agency.

And there’s two reasons for this, people and time. Let me explain…




I wanted access to the sharpest marketing minds on the planet so I could deliver my clients the best possible results….

It’s estimated that by 2020 over 40% of the population will be Freelancers and that number is growing year on year. Now I’m able to source marketing superstars from all corners of the globe and not limit the resources we can allocate to your campaigns to just the local area.




Time is arguably our most valuable resource. It’s a finite commodity and we only have so much of it to go around.

My primary focus is delivering you results… So, I would rather we spend our time working on actually delivering you results.

In my experience, a good portion of a customer’s marketing budget with most agencies is allocated towards the meetings they have and the travel time they put in.

Instead of wasting hours traveling each month and having meetings for the sake of meetings I wanted to build a more efficient, and effective system. One that allowed us to focus our resources on the most important thing…

Getting you results, and moving you towards your business goals.

Just to be clear, I’m not suggesting for a second that we don’t discuss the work we do regularly. If you decide you want to explore working with us, we will be more than happy to explain our process.

The point is, now we have some of the sharpest marketing minds from around the globe… And, we spend all our time focused on getting you real results.

How is Phorge Different?

Digital Marketing is a super fast paced, fast evolving industry. It can seem complicated, and overwhelming, to anyone who doesn’t live and breathe the stuff.

However, it doesn’t need to be. Where most marketers and business owners go wrong, is they over-complicate the process. And… it’s an easy thing to do.

So, we put our minds together and came up with 4 simple steps to building a better business:


Mapping out the plan of attack to help you reach your business goals


Generate the right type of website visitors and turn them into leads


Move your leads through the right process and turn them into customers


Keep your customers coming back and telling all their friends about you

If anyone of the above 4 steps are not implemented properly, the whole business model becomes shaky. Just like removing anyone of the legs on a table, at some point it’s going to fall over.

Now, not every business we work with needs help on all 4 steps, but it’s our job to make sure you have a solid foundation so the table ‘doesn’t tip’..

Being such a fast paced, fast evolving industry, components within each of these 4 steps can change… And this is why we’ve built a team of superstars from around the globe, to help make sure we can keep you ahead of your competition.

Why Work With Us



We are not here to take your money.

We are not here to wow you with confusing reports.

And… we are not here to absorb countless hours of your time.

You have a business to run, and we want to make sure your time is spent doing that.

Leave the marketing to us.

We like to think of ourselves as an extension of your business… So, we hope you can too.

One of the first things we go through with our clients is understanding who their ideal customers are. We always say…


And in the essence of practicing what we preach, we will only work with a certain type of client.

To find out more about who we do work with, have a quick read of the ‘About You’ page.

Are You Worried We Can’t Spell?



You should be… But, in all seriousness, where did the name Phorge come from?

Well, as the Founder I wanted our brand to stand for something strong. I wanted us to be able to create powerful marketing campaigns from nothing… And, I wanted to help our clients forge ahead of their competition.

So why the strange spelling?

It was 2016… To get a business name that wasn’t taken was next to impossible.

My initials are PH, which derived from ancient Latin and Greek pronounce F…

So it just seemed fitting, and that’s where Phorge came from.

If you want to learn more about me, you can head over to my LinkedIn Profile.

Now, let me introduce you to the other Superstars behind the scenes….

Meet the team

Paul Hanney

Chief Strategist

Serge Truss

Design Guru

Mark Allen

Digital Dynamo

Lizzie Mills

Copywriting Ace

Uzair Ahmed

Analytics Guru

Slave Stanchev

Master of Code

Andrew Hall

Killer Copywriter