You must be…

Focused On Patient Experience

We take our own client selection very seriously, and that’s why you and your team must be focused on delivering an awesome patient experience, while we focus on bringing new patients through the door.

Wanting To Grow Your Dental Practice

Whether you want more patients for yourself, or you’d like to bring on another dentist or hygienist, we partner with you to bring in an extra 30 patients or more every month.

Willing To Invest Time During ‘Discovery Week’

We begin our partnership with an intensive Discovery Week. Designed to get all the information we need from you about you and your practice, it allows us to write high-converting custom ads that truly reflect what your practice is all about.

Willing To Invest An Hour Each Month

After Discovery Week, you’ll only spend as little as one hour every month simply reviewing the work we’re doing and making sure you’re seeing a return on your investment.

Turning Over $1 Million P.A. Or More

Finally, we typically work with dental practices turning over at least $100,000 each month in revenue. Why? A dental practice that’s looking to grow typically invests 10% or more of their annual revenue into marketing.

So, if you’re turning over at least $1 Million Per Annum, you’ll have sufficient marketing budget to run ads on multiple channels (like Google and Facebook), discover what works very quickly, then optimise the ads to deliver you reliable profit on autopilot.

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