Whatever you do, DO NOT skip this step! If you do, everything else will be pointless. You’ll end up spending a ton of money, and see very little return. You need to put a plan of attack in place before anything else happens.

  • Clearly defining your business goals
  • Identifying who your ideal customers are
  • Creating your unique selling proposition
  • Mapping out your marketing funnels


Next… Drive your ideal customers to your website, with the goal of converting them to a lead. If you offer them something of value that helps solve a problem for them… they’re more likely to give you their details.

  • Attract the right type of visitors to your website
  • Send them to a landing page and offer them something of value
  • Bring the visitors who don’t turn into leads back to your website
  • Capture your website visitors details and turn them into leads


Ok, now you’ve got the leads… But, have you converted them to a customer? Don’t blow it here! Not everyone is ready to buy instantly… So, don’t rush it. Instead, gently move them through the sales process.

  • Educate your leads and provide them with even more value
  • Communicate with them and address any concerns they have
  • Make them the right offer at the right time
  • Close the sale and turn your leads into customers


Great… A steady flow of new customers coming in. You’ve spent a lot of time and money to get to this point… So, make sure they keep coming back and tell all their friends about you.

  • Create a wow factor and deliver your customers more than you promised
  • Build a strong reputation online through customer reviews
  • Grow the value of each of your customers through cross-sells and upsells
  • Build effective referral programs to further grow sales